Deer Leap

29 12 2008

NH - Windham - Deer Leap

  • Location: Windham, NH
  • Owner: Town of Windham
  • Highlights: Quick trip to a ledge overlook above Moeckel Pond; nothing spectacular but a nice walk
  • Directions (from Boston): 39 miles, 46 minutes
  • The Trail: 0.8 miles round trip
    1. From the parking lot, follow the trail into the woods.
    2. Cross an elevated boardwalk over a wet section.
    3. Soon after the boardwalk, a trail branches off to the left.
    4. Stay straight.
    5. The trail will parallel Moeckel and Rock ponds, providing views down to the water bodies during the winter.
    6. After cresting a small hump, a valley will appear beyond which is Deer Leap.
    7. Cross the valley and take in the view that awaits.
    8. Return via the same trail.  There is supposed to be a loop (one branch was presumably the side trail).  But I could not find the part leaving Deer Leap.