West Rattlesnake Mountain

24 06 2008

NH - Holderness - West Rattlesnake Mountain

  • Location: Holderness, NH
  • Owner: Squam Lakes Association
  • Highlights: A fanatastic 180 degree vista overlookng Squam Lake; Lake Winnipesaukee and Red Hill are also visible; well worth the hike 
  • Directions (from Boston): 114 mi, 2 hours 2 minutes
  • Park in either the Mount Morgan parking lot on the left or the new West Rattlesnake parking lot on the right.
  • The Trail: 2 mi round trip
    1. From the Mount Morgan lot, cross Route 113 and turn right.  The trailhead is a few hundred yards down on the left side of the road.
    2. From the West Rattlesnake lot, follow the trail that leaves the lot which quickly joins the trail from Route 113.
    3. Follow the Old Bridle Path past the welcome sign.  The yellow-blazed trail ascendeds over many steps formed from logs.
    4. There are no trail intersections until almost reaching the summit.
    5. At a large, flat slab of rock, a side trail (also blazed yellow) leaves on the right.
    6. This travels a very short distance before reaching a side ledge with a view (not as good as the main vista but worth the brief detour).
    7. Return to the main trail and follow it a bit further to the main vista. 
    8. From the main vista, several other trails head to alternative trailheads or East Rattlesnake Mountain.
    9. To return to the trailhead and Mount Morgan parking lot, follow Old Bridle Path back to Route 113.
  • Trail maps are available for purchase from the Squam Lakes Association.
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