Turkey Hill

11 09 2010

  • Location: Whitney and Thayer Woods, Cohasset and Hingham, MA
  • Owner: The Trustees of Reservations
  • Highlights: An extremely short hike to a great view of the Atlantic Ocean, Hull windmill, Boston skyline, Blue Hills, and South Shore. A much longer hike could be done from other parking areas.
  • Directions (from Boston): 18 miles, 31 minutes
  • The Trail: 0.12 miles, round trip 
    1. From the parking lot located almost at the summit, follow the obvious path into the open field, quickly reaching the summit and view.
    2. Return to the parking lot or explore the other trails on the property or nearby Weir River Farm.
  • Trail maps are available from the trailhead kiosk or here (PDF).