Stonedam Island

17 08 2008
  • Location: Meredith, NH
  • Owner: Lakes Region Conservation Trust
  • Highlights: Nice short and fairly easy hike to a directional view of Lake Winnipesaukee; be sure to boat/paddle through Sally’s Gut (just around the corner from the dock)
  • Directions: Located on an island in Lake Winnipesaukee, the trailhead is only accessible by boat, canoe or kayak.  There is a dock capable of holding two boats on the northeast side of the island just beyond the entrance to Sally’s Gut.   
  • The Trail: 0.4 miles round trip
    1. From the dock follow the yellow-blazed trail exiting to the left (straight ahead will be a trail to a bathroom and a trailhead sign).
    2. Follow the yellow blazes as the trail winds moderately steeply uphill until emerging onto a wider red-blazed trail.
    3. Turn left on the red blazed trail and follow a short distance until you arrive at the view.
    4. The best view is just off the left side of the trail by a stone wall.
    5. Return the same way or continue to follow the red-blazed trail (which turns right onto a narrower trail just beyond the view – the wider trail continues straight onto private property which is signed as private.)  making a loop.
  • Trail maps are supposed to be available at the trailhead sign near the dock but there were none  when I went there.  There was a map posted on the sign.