Noon Hill

16 11 2007

MA - Medfield - Noon Hill

  • Location: Medfield, MA
  • Owner: The Trustees of Reservations  
  • Highlights: A relatively easy walk through an extensive trail system to a summit with views to Gillete Stadium and the surrounding scenery
  • Directions (from Boston): 31.6 miles, 47 minutes
  • The Trail: 1.8 miles round trip
    1. Before venturing up the hill, consider taking a trail at the right of the parking lot to Holt Pond.  The pond is within sight of the trailhead.  A bench overlooks the pond providing a nice spot for a pre (or post) hike snack. 
    2. The trail to the hill top leaves to the left of the parking lot. 
    3. Folow the trail through marked junctions 1, 2 and 3.
    4. At junction 4, keep left and continue to junction 8.
    5. At junction 8, turn right and complete your assent up the hill.
    6. Upon reaching  junction 7, turn left and reach the overlook, from which Gillette Stadium is visible. 
    7. Retrace your steps back to junction 7 and turn left.
    8. At junction 6, turn right and follow that trail through junction 5 to where it rejoins the trail you took up at junction 4. 
    9. Retrace your steps through junctions 3, 2 and 1 back to the parking lot.
  • All junctions were marked, although things got a little confusing at junction 8 where there was a detour from what I assume was the path marked on trail maps available at the trailhead.  A map is also available from the Trustees of Reservation’s Noon Hill Web site.
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