Old Town Hill

24 04 2009

MA - Newbury - Old Town Hill

  • Location: Old Town Hill, Newbury, MA
  • Owner: Trustees of Reservations
  • Highlights: A short hike to nice directional views of New Hampshire, Maine, Plum Island, and the Atlantic Ocean
  • Directions (from Boston): 40.1 miles, 51 minutes
  • The Trail: 1.26 miles round trip
    1. From the parking lot, cross Newman Road to the trailhead, Parking Access Trail. This entire hike is blazed with white markers and follows the route of the Bay Circuit Trail.
    2. Follow Parking Access Trail for a bit parallel to the road until it curves away from Newman Road and comes to a T with Ridge Trail, a much wider trail.
    3. Turn right on this trail and follow it as it winds uphill and around Watch Field, a meadow with limited views.
    4. A bit beyond the meadow, the trail emerges in a clearing with nice directional views.
    5. Return via the same route.
  • A trail map is available on the Trustees of Reservations Web site here (PDF) and is posted on a bulletin board at the parking lot.   
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