Hedgehog Mountain

15 04 2017

NH - Deering - Hedgehog Mountain

  • Location: Hedgehog Mountain Forest, Deering, New Hampshire
  • Owner: Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests
  • Highlights: Nice view to the west
  • Description: This hike brings people to an overlook on Hedgehog Mountain that features expansive views to the west. Hikers can see Croteched Mountain, Hawthorne Feather Airpark and other sights.
  • Directions (from Boston): 89.8 miles, 1 hour 33 minutes
  • The Trail: 1.5 miles, round trip
    1. From the parking lot, continue on Hedgehog Mountain Road.
    2. Turn off the wide dirt road at a blue sign directing hikers to the left.
    3. Follow this trail and turn right shortly before the overlook.
    4. Return to the parking lot following the same trail.
  • A trail map is available here (PDF).

Bald Ledge

24 09 2016

NH - New Hampton - Bald Ledge

    • Location: New Hampton, New Hampshire
    • Highlights: A directional view of lakes, hills and mountains.
    • Description: This hike in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region leads from Sky Pond Road to Bald Ledge, a cliff above Winona Lake. From the cliff, Winona Lake, Lake Waukewan and Hawkins Pond are visible along with many nearby and further away hills/mountains
    • Directions (from Boston): 105 miles, 1 hour 51 minutes
    • The Trail: 1.6 miles, round trip
      1. The trail begins at the end of Sky Pond Road. Parking is available in the nearby lot by Sky Pond.
      2. The trail turns left by a gate and travels beyond the gate.
      3. Turn right at a sign for Bald Ledge and follow the path to the cliff.
      4. Return via the same route.

Roger Myrick Outlook

4 10 2015


    • Location: Sharon, New Hampshire
    • Highlights: A directional view of the nearby countryside.
    • Description: Roger Myrick Outlook is a nice outlook just off the Wapack Trail. There are more views if one continues further along the Wapack Trail.
    • Directions (from Boston): 65.9 miles, 1 hour 38 minutes
    • The Trail: 0.68 miles, round trip
      1. From the parking area on Temple Road, cross the street.
      2. Follow the Wapack Trail uphill.
      3. At the sign for the outlook, look for the nearby ledge overlook.
      4. Return along the same route.

Mount Livermore

15 09 2015

NH - Holderness -  Mount Livermore

    • Location: Holderness, New Hampshire
    • Highlights: Nice views of Squam Lake and Red Hill.
    • Description: Mount Livermore is a fantastic hike on easily followed trails, beginning at the end of Mountain Road. According to the Lakes Region Conservation Trust‘s website, the summit is within the trust’s 2,471-acre Burleigh Squam Range conservation easement.
    • Directions (from Boston): 112 miles, 1 hour 47 minutes
    • The Trail: 2 miles, round trip
      1. From the parking area at the end of Mountain Road, take Old Mountain Road into the woods.
      2. Turn right onto Crawford-Ridgepole Trail, which leads to the summit
      3. Return on the same route back to the parking area.

Fort Mountain

6 04 2014

    • Location: Epsom, NH
    • Owner: Unknown
    • Description: A walk up an access road to a nice panoramic view. The road is somewhat steep in places as it switchbacks up the mountain.
    • Directions (from Boston): 70.6 miles, 1 hour 22 minutes
    • The Trail: 2.12 miles, round trip
      1. Park along the side of the dirt road and follow the road up the mountain.
      2. Return along the access road.

Locke’s Hill

19 09 2013

NH - Gilford - Locke's Hill

  • Location: Gilford, NH
  • Owner: Town of Gilford
  • Highlights: A loop hike to several fantastic viewpoints of Lake Winnipesaukee and surrounding scenery. One vista has stone chairs. There are interpretive signs along the trail.
  • Directions (from Boston): 103 miles, 1 hour 44 minutes
  • The Trail: 1.69 mile loop
  1. From the parking lot, follow the Quarry Trail straight ahead through a gate.
  2. Follow that trail as it meanders along a brook, climbs upward, and emerges beneath power lines at 1.07 miles.
  3. Head along the power line toward the lake.  You will quickly reach a sign for Lakeview Trail, which leaves to the right.
  4. Before taking this, just in the woods to the left of the power lines is an excellent overlook of Lake Winnipesaukee.
  5. Follow Lakeview Trail down the hill stopping at yet another view over the lake at 1.28 miles that contains a number of stone chairs.
  6. After taking in the final vista, continue down a series of switchbacks to the parking lot.

Artists Bluff

28 05 2013


    • Location: Franconia, N.H.
    • Owner/Manager: Franconia Notch State Park
    • Highlights: A very steep hike to a nice view of Echo Lake, Cannon Mountain and Franconia Notch.
    • Description: This hike is significantly harder/steeper than other hikes described on this website. There are two trailheads, one at the parking lot on the north side of Rte. 18 across from a Cannon Mountain lot. The second trailhead is on the north side of Rte. 18 further east (closer to Interstate 93). The second trailhead is a shorter, but still steep, hike. But, there is no parking directly at this trailhead. The description below follows the hike I did from the first to second trailhead.
    • Directions (from Boston): 141 miles, 2 hours 19 minutes
    • The Trail: 0.8 miles,  first trailhead to second trailhead
      1. From the parking lot, take the trail into the woods.
      2. It climbs moderately until reaching a trail to the left to Bald Mountain after 0.2 to 0.3 miles.
      3. The trail curves right and climbs (and in places falls) quite steeply passing a couple views until reaching a very short trail to the bluff at about 0.6 miles. Red markings on a rock direct hikers to the bluff.
      4. Return to the main trail and follow it steeply downhill until reaching Rte. 18 and the second trailhead at 0.8 miles.
      5. There is a trail through the woods back to the first trailhead, making a roughly 1.2-mile loop (1.5 miles if you also hike to Bald Mountain), but I did not try this part of the hike.
    • For more information, see Cannon Mountain’s description of the trail system.