Millstone Hill

23 06 2009

NH - Meredith - Millstone Hill

  • Location: Meredith, NH
  • Owner: Private
  • Highlights: nice views of Lake Winnipesaukee; not nearly as good as Locke’s Hill but still nice; very buggy and a bit muddy (at least when I hiked it after three weeks of rain)
  • Directions (from Boston): 111 miles, 2 hours 1 minute
  • Park on the right side of the road by the “Mule Parking Only” sign.
  • The Trail:  about 2 miles, round trip 
    1. Follow the wide path that leaves from the parking spot, ignoring the random smattering of yellow blazes which do not appear to lead anywhere.   
    2. Follow the trail as it winds up and down before eventually climbing relatively steeply just before the summit.
    3. The trail emerges on a rocky summit with views above and through the nearby trees. 
    4. Another trail leaves the summit but I do not know where it goes.  There is also a faded no trespassing sign but, according to this geocache listing, the area is open to hiking.
    5. Return on the same trail you took up the hill.
  • There were no trail maps that I could find but the trail is easy to follow with no intersecting trails. 
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    Stonedam Island

    17 08 2008
    • Location: Meredith, NH
    • Owner: Lakes Region Conservation Trust
    • Highlights: Nice short and fairly easy hike to a directional view of Lake Winnipesaukee; be sure to boat/paddle through Sally’s Gut (just around the corner from the dock)
    • Directions: Located on an island in Lake Winnipesaukee, the trailhead is only accessible by boat, canoe or kayak.  There is a dock capable of holding two boats on the northeast side of the island just beyond the entrance to Sally’s Gut.   
    • The Trail: 0.4 miles round trip
      1. From the dock follow the yellow-blazed trail exiting to the left (straight ahead will be a trail to a bathroom and a trailhead sign).
      2. Follow the yellow blazes as the trail winds moderately steeply uphill until emerging onto a wider red-blazed trail.
      3. Turn left on the red blazed trail and follow a short distance until you arrive at the view.
      4. The best view is just off the left side of the trail by a stone wall.
      5. Return the same way or continue to follow the red-blazed trail (which turns right onto a narrower trail just beyond the view – the wider trail continues straight onto private property which is signed as private.)  making a loop.
    • Trail maps are supposed to be available at the trailhead sign near the dock but there were none  when I went there.  There was a map posted on the sign.