Foss Mountain

27 06 2009

NH - Eaton - Foss Mountain

  • Location: Eaton, NH
  • Owner: Town of Eaton
  • Highlights: spectacular 360 degree view of surrounding mountains and small lakes; easily one of the best views I have encountered hiking; well worth the short hike to the summit; however, it was a bit hazy and buggy on this day
  • Directions (from Boston): 
  • I approached the trailhead from Brownfield Road to the north, which is NOT what the above directions indicate.  I do not know the condition of Foss Mountain road south of the trailhead. 
  • Foss Mountain Road is narrow and dirt but passable in a Subaru Outback.  Park in the parking spots opposite the trailhead.  These directions go to the summer parking area.  A winter parking area is located earlier on Foss Mountain Road, lengthening the hike distance.
  • The Trail:  0.52 miles, round trip 
    1. Follow the path (which begins across the road from the parking area) past a kiosk and across an open field toward the woods. 
    2. The trail then enters the woods and quickly passes a second kiosk. 
    3. Follow it uphill until emerging into an open area at a third kiosk. 
    4. At this kiosk, the trail splits into two paths.  Take the right one for the quick walk to the north summit. 
    5. It has some yellow blazes and is moderately steep.
    6. Return along the same trails or explore the rest of the summit area.   
  • Trail maps are posted at all three kiosks that clearly show where you are at each point. 
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