Rock Rimmon Hill

30 04 2009

NH - Plaistow - Rock Rimmon Hill

  • Location: Rock Rimmon State Forest, Danville, NH
  • Owner: State of New Hampshire
  • Highlights: Short walk to directional views from summit ledges; summit also has foundations of an old fire tower
  • Directions: 47.8 miles, 1 hour 3 minutes
  • Park on the side of the road at the intersection of Rock Rimmon/Emerald Road and Opal Drive.   
  • The Trail: 0.92 miles, round trip
    1.  From the roadside parking, take the dirt road into the woods.
    2. Almost immediately (within site of the road), turn right on a moderately wide, unnamed dirt trail.
    3. Follow this trail uphill past several trail junctions until emerging at the summit.   It is sporadically blazed orange although some intersecting trails are also blazed that color.   
    4. Return on the same trail.
  • I could not find any trail maps online or at the trailhead but it is basically a straight shot up the hill and easy to navigate.