Buck Hill

25 10 2009

  • Location: Blue Hills Reservation, Quincy, MA
  • Owner: Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • Highlights: A steep hike to perhaps the finest summit view in the Blue Hills.  A summit filled with mostly brush and small trees affords sweeping views in all directions, from the Boston skyline and the Atlantic Ocean to the suburbs south of Boston to other peaks in the Blue Hills.
  • Interesting tidbits: Native Americans quarried in the Blue Hills for volcanic rock which they shaped into spearheads and other tools; The range was named by European explorers who noticed a blue tint to the hills (sources: Department of Conservation and Recreation brochure, Wikipedia)
  • Public Transit: Take the MBTA‘s Red Line to Ashmont Station, then Bus 240 to the intersection of Randolph Avenue and Chickatawbut Road.  Walk 13 minutes south on Randolph Avenue to the trailhead.  
  • Directions (from Boston): 13.7 miles, 16 minutes
  • The Trail: 0.48 miles (steep) or 1.26 miles (gradual), round trip 
    1. From the roadside parking and trailhead, take the blue-blazed Skyline Trail 0.03 miles to its intersection with the larger Forest Path.
    2. Turn right on Forest Path and follow it until you reach a small (and potentially hard to follow) side trail at marked junction 2194.
    3. Turn left and follow it uphill, crossing Buck Hill Path at junction 2182.
    4. Continue on this unnamed trail until it emerges at the summit at junction 2165.
    5. For a shorter but very steep decent, take the Skyline Trail straight back to the parking area.
    6. Alternatively, follow the same route described above down the hill. 
  • A trail map is available here (PDF).