Mount Pisgah

10 01 2012

    • Location: Mount Pisgah Conservation Area, Northborough/Berlin, MA
    • Owner: Sudbury Valley Trustees
    • Highlights: A flat walk to North View, a directional vista east toward Boston, which may be visible on a clear day.
    • Description: The property was once farmland and the Mentzer and Sparrow trails are named after dairy farmers. More than 30 different species of trees have been identified on the land. The land is part of a wildlife corridor that stretches to New Hampshire. Thus, bobcat, moose and black have been seen on the property. Mount Pisgah is made of bedrock and a layer of glacial till. (source: Sudbury Valley Trustees brochure (PDF))
    • Directions (from Boston): 45 miles, 58 minutes
    • The Trail: 1.5 miles, round trip
      1. From the parking lot on Smith Road, take the yellow-blazed Mentzer Trail on the left.
      2. Cross Howard Brook.
      3. At 0.16 miles, keep left on Mentzer Trail. Sparrow Trail goes off to the right.
      4. At 0.43 miles, cross Berlin Road Trail.
      5. At 0.62 miles, cross Tyler Trail.
      6. Soon after, Mentzer Trail will curve left (other trails go straight and right), crossing the stone wall. Follow the trail a short distance to its end at North View.
      7. Return along the same route or explore other trails in the conservation area.
    • For more information and a trail map, see this brochure (PDF) from the Sudbury Valley Trustees.