Bald Ledge

24 09 2016

NH - New Hampton - Bald Ledge

    • Location: New Hampton, New Hampshire
    • Highlights: A directional view of lakes, hills and mountains.
    • Description: This hike in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region leads from Sky Pond Road to Bald Ledge, a cliff above Winona Lake. From the cliff, Winona Lake, Lake Waukewan and Hawkins Pond are visible along with many nearby and further away hills/mountains
    • Directions (from Boston): 105 miles, 1 hour 51 minutes
    • The Trail: 1.6 miles, round trip
      1. The trail begins at the end of Sky Pond Road. Parking is available in the nearby lot by Sky Pond.
      2. The trail turns left by a gate and travels beyond the gate.
      3. Turn right at a sign for Bald Ledge and follow the path to the cliff.
      4. Return via the same route.



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