Mount Livermore

15 09 2015

NH - Holderness -  Mount Livermore

    • Location: Holderness, New Hampshire
    • Highlights: Nice views of Squam Lake and Red Hill.
    • Description: Mount Livermore is a fantastic hike on easily followed trails, beginning at the end of Mountain Road. According to the Lakes Region Conservation Trust‘s website, the summit is within the trust’s 2,471-acre Burleigh Squam Range conservation easement.
    • Directions (from Boston): 112 miles, 1 hour 47 minutes
    • The Trail: 2 miles, round trip
      1. From the parking area at the end of Mountain Road, take Old Mountain Road into the woods.
      2. Turn right onto Crawford-Ridgepole Trail, which leads to the summit
      3. Return on the same route back to the parking area.



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