Signal Hill

4 08 2013

    • Location: Canton, Mass.
    • Owner: The Trustees of Reservations
    • Highlights: Short walk to a view of Great Blue Hill and the Boston skyline.
    • Description: The hill, located by an industrial park, once was a seasonal home for paleo-Americans. (Source: This Trustees of Reservations page about the hill)
    • Directions (from Boston): 20.2 miles, 29 minutes
    • The Trail: 0.5 miles, round trip
      1. In the parking lot, gaze up at the hill you will climb.
      2.  From the lot, follow the trail along a field and into the woods.
      3. At the junction, take the trail leading to the left, following the “Scenic Overlook” sign.
      4. It ascends uphill until quickly reaching the summit and view.
      5. Return on the same path.



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