Pine Hill

30 03 2013


    • Location: Middlesex Fells Reservation, Medford, Mass.
    • Owner/Manager: Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
    • Highlights: An easy walk to a great urban view of the Boston skyline, northern suburbs and Interstate 93.
    • Description: Trails are mostly fire roads, relatively wide and not too steep for this short walk, which covers only a fraction of the 2,575-acre reservation. This area once housed timber, granite quarrying, ice, and water power industries. Governor John Winthrop was the first to visit the area in the winter of 1632. (Source: Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Middlesex Fells website)
    • Directions (from Boston): 6.5 miles, 12 minutes
    • The Trail: 0.86 miles, round trip
      1. From the Bellevue Pond/Wright’s Tower parking area on South Border Road, take the Quarry Road trail north along the eastern shore of Bellevue Pond.
      2. Cross Skyline Trail and at almost 0.3 miles, turn right onto an unnamed trail. This is just before the second junction with Skyline Trail.
      3. The unnamed trail goes up to Wright’s Tower and the ledge with great views.
      4. Return along the same path or explore the many other trails in the reservation.
    • For a trail map, click here (PDF).



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