Little Round Top

7 08 2010

    • Location: Slim Baker Area, Bristol, NH
    • Owner: Bristol United Church of Christ/Slim Baker Foundation for Outdoor Education
    • Highlights: A short walk to Inspiration Point, which features a cross, benches and a nice view of Bristol and surrounding hills and mountains.
    • Description: The 125-acre tract of land was given to the Slim Baker Foundation for Outdoor Education in 1954 by Reba Follansbee Hipson in memory of her father, Herbert H. Follansbee, according to a plaque at the property.
    • Directions (from Boston): 105 miles, 1 hour 55 minutes
    • The Trail: 0.4 miles, round trip
      1. From the parking lot at the end of New Chester Mountain Road, take the trail in the back left of the lot.
      2. Follow that path uphill to the top of Little Round Top and Inspiration Point.
      3. Return along the same route.