Chocorua Outlook

12 10 2009

Chocorua Outlook

  • Location: Madison, NH
  • Owner: White Mountain Hypnosis Center
  • Highlights: An easy, short walk to a nice view of Mount Chocorua, Mount Washington, and other Central New Hampshire peaks. 
  • Directions (from Boston): 126 miles, 2 hour 28 minutes
  • Parking area is on the right, about .1 miles from Colby Hill Road.
  • The Trail:  0.5 miles, round trip 
    1. Take Kyle’s Trail or Robin’s Way from the parking area.
    2. Kyle’s Trail will go past a seating area cut into a granite slab more than 100 years ago.
    3. Return to the parking area via the path you did not take out or continue to explore the trail system for a longer hike. 
  • Trail maps are available in a box at the parking area.
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